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“Make a habit of discussing a problem on the basis of the data and respecting the facts shown by them.” - Kaoru Ishikawa

Scalable Business Intelligence solutions for getting to know, decide and act.

Strategies and enhancement projects featuring agile methodologies that can be adapted to the complexity of Large Enterprises and to the complex SME environment.

Ongoing focus on Innovation; mastering the best available Technologies.

Integrated delivery of specific services

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LOGO-SPONTEX_newReporting and Planning areas are perfectly under control by using IBM Cognos. A project managed by SB Italia for the giant of household cleaning products.

ilva_newIlva and SB Italia: a “future-proof” enterprise business intelligence project. From the legacy environment to an advanced infrastructure of Business.

logo elior All the business data is immediately available to Elior Ristorazione through a smart data analysis system.
Integrated business information…

A team dedicated and specialized in:

key197 ETL & Datawarehouse
pie-chart9 Business Analysis & Reporting
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folder264 Exploratory data analysis and data mining


Achievement of objectives by applying Analysis, Reporting and Monitoring methodologies already tested and implemented in different industries and (preconfigured or ad-hoc developed) systems.

Measurable results achieved in a short time both within the complex environment of Large Enterprises and across the heterogeneous SME landscape.

Direct processing of customer data for an immediate display of achievable results.

Feasibility studies relevant to specific customer requirements when required by existing business conditions.


Reporting, ad-hoc query and Data Discovery
IBM Cognos BI, QlikView, QlikSense, SAP Business Objects, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Reporting & analysis services

Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
IBM Cognos TM1, IBM Cognos Planning

Data Mining and Predictive Analysis
IBM SPSS, IBM Watson Analytics

SAP HANA, Microsoft Sql Server, Oracle

We suggest using the “Smart BI” approach in all the situations in which the need of a fast delivery takes priority over the definition of an enterprise architecture. This is often the initial phase of a larger Business Intelligence project; moreover, it enables to “have a proof” of the capabilities that advanced analysis and reporting solutions provide as well as of the skills and expertise offered by our BI team.

The approach is totally end-user centered and it entails an “agile” modality, a concept borrowed from software development: we prefer building information by collaborating side-by-side with business users rather than carrying out activities typical of a strict definition of an extended BI (Business Intelligence) structure.

Often preceded by a Smart BI approach, the Enterprise mode allows us to design and develop advanced and consistent analysis systems that typically envisage the creation of a corporate data warehouse and the development of cockpits and analysis reports designed according to user requirements and based on system constraints. The development process of

Enterprise systems is generally longer and more complex than the one of Smart Business Intelligence, but it is the most effective path to be taken for developing extended and reliable solutions.
In an Enterprise BI approach, we leverage our strong methodological and technological skills that the different professionals of our team are boasting.

Over the years, the activity of CFOs and of its collaborators has become more and more complex; all the relevant processes are to be managed on time and in the best way. Having positive numbers to report is no more the only objective of the Finance area, as its involvement in the definition of business strategies and performance measurement systems has become of paramount importance.

SB Italia is able to deliver a set of services aimed at supporting the CFO in the management of its area, along with services that allow him to design and develop different solutions:

  • Corporate performance management
  • Balanced scorecard systems
  • Consolidation and Financial Reporting
  • Development of advanced planning and forecasting models
  • Support in the definition of controlling models.

In recent years, the capability of systems to create advanced analysis models and to manage large quantities of structured data has reached levels that were unthinkable only few years ago.

The competitive edge resulting from the use of these new information management and analysis systems can be a key to the company success.

The usage of advanced statistical analysis tools, of innovative hardware and software architectures and of different business models allow SB Italia to provide cutting-edge analysis services that exceed the limits of traditional Business Intelligence solutions:

  • Exploratory data analysis software and data mining used for identifying applicable predictive and prescriptive models tailored for specific analytical requirements
  • Identification of “hidden” information or unrecognized relationships within the relevant wealth of information
  • Management and processing of structured and unstructured data in Big Data systems for the identification and transformation of data into knowledge

By Social Analytics is meant the monitoring, analysis, measurement and interpretation of digital interactions and relationships among individuals, topics, ideas and contents made available in social networks and in virtual aggregation points existing on the Web.

These interaction types generate a huge volume of data containing (often in a hidden manner) information potentially relevant for the business of a company.

SB Italia has the skills and competencies required to “extract” such information and to transform it into knowledge; in this way, the apparent “hotchpotch” of data can provide accurate strategic indications.

The various analytics encompass:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Performance analysis of Websites or profiles
  • Content analysis

Interactions occur in business communities and in the ones targeting the general public. Social analyses include sentiment analysis, processing of natural language and social networking analysis (influencer identification, profiling and scoring), and advanced techniques such as text analysis, predictive modelling and recommendations, and automatic identification as well as the classification of subjects/topics, individuals or contents.

The traditional approach to data analysis and to the relevant representation is a key cornerstone of the services provided by SB Italia.

The ability to develop solutions able to aggregate and make business information available, to enable the relevant analysis and representation is a key feature of the SB Italia team that boasts a ten-year experience.

With its expertise covering multiple technologies and through an approach including the Bimodal IT best practice, SB Italia can provide both “smart” and agile solutions as well as enterprise solutions.


SB Italia IBM Business Partner
SB Italia Microsoft gold
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