Dorna: at full speed, also in the implementation of SAP Business One.

In only 4 months, with the support of SB Italia well established skills, the manager of motorbike World Championships has completed the implementation of this ERP.


Dorna Sports, an international company managing the commercial activities of the major sports events, particularly all motorbike championships, oversees the organization of all the issues related to the preparation of each single Grand Prix, from ticket sales to the advertising up to the comprehensive event management (activity planning, paddock distribution, accreditation, access, security, welcome for teams and media).

The motorcycle circuits scattered in different locations in five continents implies substantial difficulties in reporting the expenses linked to each single event, a task to be carried out during the event itself.

For this reason, Dorna Sports has turned to SB Italia; in the light of its over twenty years’ experience in System Integration and ERP systems, SB Italia has proposed the implementation of SAP Business One, because of its specific features – the best solution to the Dorna problems.

In particular, Dorna had to manage integration flows relevant to 4 different applications that implied time-intensive manual activities for data allocation. It had to face a reporting postponed in time as well as long waiting times for the display of data to end users, resulting from data processing performed by different systems.

Moreover, for Dorna it was essential that data relevant to each event were entered directly from the circuit location, into one single system and in a simple and user-friendly way.

To solve all these problems, SB Italia has proposed SAP Business One with HANA, the international solution featuring the integration of all the functions required by the specific activity of Dorna; as a matter of fact, this cloud-based solution allows the company to enter the data from each single locations and to carry out the relevant analysis by leveraging the best-in-class features of the HANA technology.

Each document produced by the system is subsequently archived and stored in Docsweb, the document management platform of SB Italia that has been used by Dorna for a long time. All the approval workflows between the Italian head office and the parent company are managed by this platform, on which also contract and purchase order management activities are performed.

“The implementation of the new ERP system has allowed us to use a single integrated platform that includes all the functions required for the management of our core business, while effectively solving the complexities resulting from the circuit locations scattered in different countries and continents” states Stefano Pacchioli, COO and Managing Director of Dorna WSBK Organization.

The well-established experience of our resources which have been working for over 20 years in IT environments and System Integration has allowed us to complete the implementation of SAP Business One for Dorna in only 4 months, while enabling the company to use a single system for comprehensively managing each event”, states Daniele Meneguzzi, SB Italia ERP Division Manager.

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