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"Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection" - Mark Twain

Change and/or enhancement projects of the ERP, the core application of the company : a safe road and a guaranteed result ensured by a team of experts with an in-depth knowledge of the “venture system”, of processes and major ERP systems available on the market.

Capability and flexibility to support all platforms and technologies by providing skills, solutions and best practices:

rocket78 SAP Business One: the global platform designed to help small to midsize businesses Arrow pointing to right
settings7 Giada: the SB Italia solution with over 1000 installations, specifically tailored for Italian SMEs Arrow pointing to right
graphic47 Panthera: the next-generation ERP system with a fast and easy implementation along with a comprehensive set of applications (*) Arrow pointing to right
target59 Custom Solutions: for organizations with specific needs requiring proven expertise in the design and development of tailor-made projects.



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Skills and Expertise

graduation-cap2 In-depth expertise in the management of platforms, their enhancements and potential.
folder265 Well-established knowledge of the requirements of Italian SMEs and foreign subsidiaries of multinational corporations in the Production, Distribution and Service area.
thinking3 Over 30 years of experience in the ERP environment, from the analysis to the implementation up to the management and the evolutionary maintenance.
dartboard Focus on the project deployment with commitment to comply with timing and planned costs.



Overall view

work7 Close synergy with other Competence areas of SB Italia: ITSM for Technology Infrastructure, Document Management & Services, Business Intelligence
worker27 Sharing of objectives and responsibilities
building104 Optimization and scalability of times and costs


(*) solution marketed by SI Consulting, a Group company


With its numerous customers worldwide and a high percentage of installations within SMEs, SAP Business One provides all the features that businesses require from an ERP system:

Reliability: appreciated by over 40.000 SAP Business One customers and by over 15.000 users just in Italy.

Comprehensiveness: ensured by the possibility to provide solutions for the whole company and for every business process.

Adaptability: comprehensive and integrated functions to best fit with the existing landscape of each single company and designed to evolve over time.

Speed: fast implementation and results to be assessed in just a few weeks.

Support: provided in 120 countries worldwide, in 27 languages and 41 localizations, with 24×7 local services.

Customization: localization that meets specific requirements and best practices of the Italian market.

Extended coverage: a wide network of partners with industry-specific skills and the technical knowledge required to govern business and technology.
Innovation: integrated with cloud computing, mobility, in-memory technologies and analytics functions.
Data analysis: carried out through the SAP Hana platform, integrated with the solution.
Evolution: achieved through scalability and flexibility of the solution that ensures business growth and company success.

GIADA, a proprietary solution of SB Italia, is a business software for the integrated management of the company that – with over 500 installations in different industries – is a well-established reference point in the ERP solutions environment.

Seamless integrability, easy and fast customizing and modularity are its strength.
Establishment on the market: GIADA is a very well established ERP (enterprise resource planning) present on the market for over 15 years.

Adaptability to SMEs: GIADA stands out for its “Italy-specific features”; indeed, it is expressly designed to meet Italian SMEs’ requirements
Verticalization: GIADA addresses to Sales and Distribution companies, to Manufacturing companies operating in the metalworking industry, civil, industrial and naval engineering, chemical process industry, as well as to Service and Logistic companies.

Modularity: GIADA is made up of modules catering requirements of all business areas; this solution can be integrated with any legacy system while its modules can also be implemented and used independently.

Integrability: GIADA is conceived to integrate with other business software systems.
Multi-company features: GIADA enables the simultaneous management of multiple companies and/or warehouses throughout the territory; it allows the access to the enterprise IT system from company premises, plants/factories and/or remote locations while providing a flexible and scalable range of connectivity solutions:
– Single point access with RAS
– Distributed network connection using a VPN technology – Remote connection via the Internet / terminal services
– Support of intranet solutions

Panthera is a next-generation ERP (enterprise resource planning): a state-of-the-art software that enables the comprehensive management of a company.

Hundreds of organizations have chosen it for its full range of applications and its flexibility; as a matter of fact, Panthera is widely used as a key tool to effectively optimize all business processes.

Based on modules that can be tailored to meet specific requirements, Panthera is a unique and comprehensive solution that governs the whole company. When your goal is to optimize only some critical areas of the company without making large investments, you can however purchase only some of its multiple capabilities.

It improves the collaboration among key company players: Panthera is the first Italian ERP accessible via the Web; indeed, it helps to increase the collaboration efficiency among all the players involved in the value chain: customers, suppliers, sub-contractors, partners, agents, decentralized production facilities.

It integrates all internal and external processes: Panthera manages in a single platform all the internal business processes – sales cycle, purchase cycle, accounting and controlling, logistics, in-house production and outsourced work – as well as external business processes. It uses unique product configuration and coding rules, common masters, integration and automation of sales and purchase processes among different companies, EDI, Group accounting and treasury.

It makes the future less unforeseeable: developed on the basis of thirty years’ experience in applications and consulting within multiple industries, PANTHERA fully meets requirements relevant to design, forecast, planning, procurement optimization, programming, scheduling, control of production processes, marginality analysis and fast adjustment.

It provides high value-added functions that extend the application coverage: Panthera best-of-breed capabilities allow you to foster the growth of your business, optimize the collaboration with all players and improve the process control.

Panthera, a best-in-class ERP solution, is marketed by SB Italia through SI Consulting, a company of the Group.


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