SAP Business One ERP system provides a greater insight into Giocoplast processes.

The company was able to reconfigure its processes with SB Italia skills and the new ERP system.



Giocoplast is the reference point for every holiday and entertainment event all year round. It was established in 1980 as an import company; subsequently it specialized in the sector of Christmas decorations and merged in 2014 with Ex ComoGiochi S.r.l. under the control of a new ownership and management; this resulted in Giocoplast operating in a larger market segment, i.e. articles related to any seasonal holidays and celebrations. Indeed, after focusing only on Christmas decorations, the company decided to extend the service to any recurrence with a consequent increase in the volume of orders to be managed more rapidly. These changes have required a redefinition of internal processes and the development of a management system able to include the new business areas. For this reason, in the second half of 2014, Giocoplast decided to collaborate with SB Italia, thus relying on its expertise and professional skills.



In order to support Giocoplast business broadening and new business processes, SB Italia has developed an ERP project able to fully meet the requirements of the new management and replace the legacy AS400 system. SB Italia has chosen SAP Business One, as an ERP that integrates in a single solution, specifically conceived for SMEs, a full range of functions able to optimize and facilitate every business process. The implementation of such well-established technology allows Giocoplast to communicate more directly with global partners and, therefore, to support its development towards foreign markets.

As an integration of the ERP system, SB Italia has enhanced the logistics system of the company and the interfaces between the two applications; a radiofrequency system allows the company to best manage its warehouse and today Giocoplast is able to support the increase in products and articles without being obliged to invest in new resources.
Another subsequent requirement was the reorganization of the existing business processes. To this end, SB Italia analyzed the new needs in terms of IT, redefined the reporting system with specific data extraction applications and implemented alert systems to support operators in the identification of any criticalities during processes.

As a completion of the project, SB Italia has supported the company in the training of all the employees, which are now able to manage the business processes of the relevant areas in an autonomous and systematic way.



The solution developed by SB Italia with SAP Business One has provided Giocoplast with a comprehensive business software that controls all goods-related processes, from purchase to sales, including warehouse management. The project has increased the efficiency and effectiveness of internal processes while allowing the company to manage all the orders in an autonomous and systematic way.

“Against such substantial changes in the structure of an organization, it is often difficult to identify the solution that fully meets new requirements. With SB Italia’s support, we have solved the most critical issues and all problems; now we have a structure tailored for our requirements, able to best support new business areas and to provide us with the computerized management of orders, executed in shorter times and with higher user friendliness. Last but not least, the complete training delivered by SB Italia has allowed our resources to autonomously work and personally manage every process with the tools and skills required to do this at best” states Massimiliano Benci, Giocoplast Chief Financial Officer.

“For companies it is of paramount importance to reconfigure their processes according to new objectives and strategies, while adopting efficient and easily scalable solutions that provide them with a real return on investment. Our mission is to deliver an end-to-end support during this transition while helping customers in all phases, i.e. from project definition to staff training” states Daniele Meneguzzi, SB Italia ERP Division Manager.

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