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“Personalized service makes us feel special people.” - Seth Godin

Comprehensive and flexible offering for the technology infrastructure of companies: Value-added Services, Technology and Application Platforms, Maintenance, Management and Operational Support.

Ability to design, deploy and manage complex architectures capable of coordinating complex and structured business processes.

Guarantee of excellent response to operational requirements with certified service quality levels:

conference6 Application expertise resulting from the synergy with the other SB Italia competence areas
premium1 ISO9001 and ISO27001 certification

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RelitThanks to the iperconverged innovative technologies with dedicated and specific solutions, designed and implemented by SB Italia, ou costumers can now take advantage of virtual datacenter with the highest levels oof reliability and advantages offered by cloud infrastructures as well.

The Innovation GroupWith the innovtive service offer ‘HIT’ by SB Italia, now we can work in a reliable, secure, and fully managed IT environment with ensured costs and certified service leves.

SB HIT, an innovative model of modular and custom outsourcing:

stopwatch Innovative approach based on a fixed monthly fee, with guaranteed service and SLAs Arrow pointing to right
puzzle2 Designed and tailored to meet company-specific needs Arrow pointing to right
notepad19 Easier and more scalable than traditional outsourcing contracts Arrow pointing to right
payment7 Lower and more flexible costs than in-house solutions Arrow pointing to right


Superior know-how to support projects of all types and scope (end-to-end or only single phases):

tie10 Guarantee of continuity as well as highest availability and reliability   Arrow pointing to right
employee7 In-house highly specialized technical team Arrow pointing to right
computer221 Remote monitoring systems Arrow pointing to right
customer-service1 SPOC and NOC Arrow pointing to right
identification13 Presence at customer’s premises Arrow pointing to right
graphic47 Personalized SLAs Arrow pointing to right


Flexibility, Expertise and Skills for providing:

target59 Standard or Customized Solutions Arrow pointing to right
money176 Certainty of Costs Arrow pointing to right
graphic47 SLAs guaranteed by highest ITIL standards     Arrow pointing to right
employee7 Constant efficiency and quality of Managed Services Arrow pointing to right


Optimized offer including all (HW and SW) technology platforms through:

shield116 Well established partnerships with the major market players
pin74 Customer-specific analysis and evaluation


What is it?

It is the delivery of (reactive or proactive) IT services managed according to an insurance-oriented view and tailored for customer requirements.

With SB HIT, the customer can guarantee the continuity and quality of its services, while reducing operational risks and ensuring security without worrying about any cost increase.

Everything is included in the fee.
This innovative outsourcing formula, tailor-made for the company, does not envisage the rigid rules typical of outsourcing contracts; hence, it combines flexibility, scalability and economies of scale.

SB HIT guarantees efficiency, continuity and security of the IT service by consistently redistributing workloads and activities within the internal organization.

With the support of SB HIT, the CIO can focus on mission-critical topics of its tasks.
Tailor-made to ensure that everything works as it should.

SB HIT does not envisage strict policies typical of global outsourcers. Services, goods and activities can be outsourced partially and/or assembled with highest flexibility according to customer requirements.

In this context, SB HIT works alongside the CIO in order to achieve highest security in terms of prevention and management of operational risks. With SB HIT, the CIO can leverage an IT service providing utmost availability, continuity and security

…and at the same time provide his company with a substantial operational, fiscal and financial advantage!

The service is delivered against a fee based on company-specific features (workstations, networks, data center …)

SB HIT facilitates the alignment of the IT infrastructure with the business and, in this way, the company is completely sure of having always an IT reliable and secure “facility” along with the certainty of costs, e.g. a workstation-based fee.

SB HIT enables to reduce costs by transferring operational risks and overheads to a specialized facility able to leverage industrial methods and economies of scale.

SB HIT does not impose any brand-based constraints: the CIO is free to choose the equipment and applications that meet his business needs.

Overview of some of the SB HIT services:

  • Service Management
  • 1st and 2nd level-Service Desk
  • Local System Services (on-site)
  • Monitoring & Systems Management
  • Farming (housing & hosting)
  • Server & Storage Management
  • Security & Network Management
  • Asset Management
  • Hardware and software maintenance
  • Procurement, staging, installation and IMAC
  • Operational lease of equipment
  • Printing Service Management
  • Transition Management (Implementation of infrastructural transformations)


Just to start

Together with the CIO, SB Italia analyzes the company requirements, the legacy IT environment, data centers, the network, the workstation features; then it develops a set of proposals consistent with the outlined objectives.

The different options can be analyzed with utmost simplicity by changing each single variable. A proprietary evaluation method enables to group – on a tailor-made basis – the service modules in order to achieve the most effective and optimized solution.

After defining the project terms and conditions, SB Italia proposes the customer a clear and detailed service agreement based on defined service levels that can be monitored and objectively measured through shared indicators and metrics.

Here are a few figures about SB HIT…

  • Over 1.000 servers managed (IA64 – AS400)
  • Over 18.000 workstations managed
  • Over 5.000 printers managed
  • Network of integrated partners
  • Technical and Organizational Certifications

The IT Infrastructure is the foundation on which business processes and applications are based. Besides ensuring the stability of the whole infrastructure, it must manage workload changes resulting from higher levels. Process changes, integrations of new technologies and implementation of new services have to be carried out in short times and at low costs.

By applying state-of-the art methodologies and leveraging its expertise, the Infrastructure Management of SB Italia ensures the deployment and management of a sound, secure and high-performance technology infrastructure able to guarantee the highest flexibility with the lowest running costs.

Infrastructure Design

  • Design and implementation of new services

Infrastructure Management

  • Service Level Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Asset management
  • Monitoring
  • Change Management

As a matter of fact, the company’s growth results in an increasingly complex and heterogeneous IT environment; to support new services and new applications, more and more servers and storages are required and this makes the IT environment complex, less integrated, expensive to be managed and inevitably more fragile. SB Italia consolidation and virtualization solutions streamline and reduce infrastructure components while transferring the processing workload to a lower number of more powerful servers; by operating as a single bigger virtual machine, these servers dynamically and simultaneously manage a higher number of services and application platforms. This provides a sounder, more secure and high-performing environment that, besides being space-saving, dramatically reduces administrative costs and power consumption.

Systems Optimization

  • Remote Office Consolidation
  • Server & Storage Consolidation
  • Server & Storage Virtualization

Data losses and failure of IT services can have serious consequences on sales, productivity and corporate image. In order to minimize risks and take effective measures aimed at protecting the relevant business, SB Italia has designed an integrated strategy that improves reliability and increases protection of the systems; moreover, it makes the whole organization accountable for complying with relevant procedures. The pillars of this strategy are basically two: the execution of a continuous improvement process targeted to prevent and correct technology and organization vulnerabilities and the set-up of a recovery site that enables to maintain data and application availability also in case of events (such as fires, earthquakes, floods, etc.) that may jeopardize the company infrastructures.

Business Continuity

  • High Availability Systems
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Power Management


  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Network Access Control

Millions of persons use their smartphones and tablets to collaborate at a distance, to access business data and applications.

The professional usage of these devices improves operations and accelerates business, but it exposes the company to new risks in terms of security and cost governance.

In order to keep the situation under control, the company must set up a more flexible and protected environment for supporting the mobility and integrating all connectivity channels while ensuring the maximum security of networks, systems and mobile devices.
SB Enterprise Mobility is an integrated platform of tools and applications that enables an easy and secure activation, monitoring and management of mobility services.


  • Enterprise Wireless Network


  • Wireless Network Security

Device Management

  • Mobile Device Management
  • Security Threat Detection
  • Device Data Encryption

SB Italia Cloud services envisage a centralization of the processing and application resources of the company and make them usable in On-Demand Self-Service mode. These resources can remain within the company (private cloud) or can be hosted on dedicated machines at SB Italia data centers (protected cloud).

Both solutions enable to exploit all the advantages of a more flexible, lean and cost-saving management of IT tools without running into risks related to a not adequately controlled allocation of business data and applications.

With SB Cloud Computing, authorized users can connect to business services at any time, from any place, by using any device able to access the Web.

Protected Cloud

  • SaaS, IaaS, PaaS

Private Cloud

  • Design, implementation and management

Specialized support service for the management of user requests. It is a single point of contact for solving all hardware/software issues and fulfilling enhancement requests (implementation of new workstations, equipment replacements, etc.). In case of failures and disservices, SB User Support enables to quickly restore normal operations, to minimize losses of productivity and to understand “incident” causes in order to avoid that they occur again. The service, assisted by experts, provides users with a direct remote support and, when required, activates people in charge for onsite actions while monitoring all operations up to the activity closure. All actions are traced to monitor the work progress and to check service performance.

Service Desk

  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Request fulfillment

On site Support

  • Hardware and software assistance
  • Support and training


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