The creative heritage of Canepa, an Italian excellence in fine fabrics, is always available through a new backup infrastructure.

The fabrics designs are safe with the technology and skills provided by SB Italia.

Canepa, a worldwide leader in high-quality fabrics, active on the market since 1966, realizes every year 25 thousand original product designs while producing 3 million linear meters of fabrics used for the production of 1.2 million ties and 700 thousand scarfs. In view of the fact that 25% company employees are creative designers, it is easy to understand that the fabric designs are an inestimable asset; in order to protect it, Canepa has entrusted SB Italia with the realization of a backup infrastructure that ensures that every individual design is stored safely.

Prior to the SB Italia solution implementation, designs were saved on a medium not appropriate to ensure any system “fails” that would represent a substantial loss – both economic and strategic – while jeopardizing the production activity of the company.

After an in-depth analysis phase and an evaluation of the solutions available in the market, the team identified in Barracuda the technology that, more than other, meets the specific requirements of the textile manufacturing company. Indeed, this system stands out for very easy development and management processes and ensures best-in-class data recovery and retrieval functions also in case of events implying any data losses.

By exploiting the advantages offered by the POC mode (Proof of Concept), that allows customers to evaluate the effectiveness of the solution chosen directly within the relevant infrastructure, in only 2 months Canepa reached its key objective, i.e. be totally sure that its creative asset is stored safely.

“This new Backup system has allowed us to protect the designs of our fabrics that represent the key asset of our company while enabling the saving and recovery of the data itself in any situation”, states Paolo Tedesco, Canepa Spa CFO.

“The implementation of the new backup infrastructure has been the result of an accurate analysis that has led to the identification of the most appropriate solution; moreover, it shows the utmost attention dedicated by SB Italia resources to the analytical activity we perform within every project carried out for our customers”, states Corrado Dati, SB Italia ITSM Division Manager.


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