High Quality starts from IT systems
SB Italia expertise, along with an advanced system, enable to manage quality controls of the milk marketed by Centrale del Latte di Brescia.



Centrale del Latte di Brescia was founded in 1930 with the specific objective to ensure citizens the hygienic control of milk while guaranteeing its daily distribution, an historical mission carried out still today. Centrale del Latte di Brescia has been the first company in Italy having a PET bottling plant for the production of long-life milk; the first one to produce and market a semi-finished product for yoghurt-based ice creams and one of the few companies producing only and exclusively High Quality fresh milk, thus showing great innovation ability and significant sensitivity to both new technologies and new food requirements.

In order to continue ensuring the quality and availability of its products, Centrale del Latte di Brescia entrusted SB Italia with the development of a production management system based on technological innovation; this new system would have been integrated with the business software already running and would include all Centrale del Latte’s processes; Factory One is the solution that enables to manage and support the procurement of milk, while covering planning and production processes, quality controls up to the shipping of the finished product.

The milk procurement for the dairy industry is obviously a key procedure for the quality of the finished product. The control of the milk provided by the breeders of the relevant area is a key phase of the whole production and distribution process: the milk that usually arrives to Centrale in the night after the evening milking is immediately subject to analyses already carried out in the tanker trailers in order to check the absence of any contaminations before being loaded into silos where organoleptic properties (fat and protein values) are analyzed.

All the data resulting from controls is entered in the Factory One system of SB Italia, that automatically suggests the laboratory the analyses to be carried out during the receipt, processing, transformation and loading of the finished product into the warehouse according to the previously entered control plan; besides identifying any non-compliances, this system speeds up the activities that will allow the fresh milk to be delivered by carriers to the relevant points of sale in the early hours of the day.

In the past, this information was managed and stored by means of custom programs (Access and Excel) designed ad-hoc for each single area, but disconnected from each other or difficult to be viewed and integrated.


SB Italia solution allows Centrale del Latte di Brescia to have an integrated system that acquires sales data directly from the business software; based on this information, Centrale automatically defines procurement plans and can plan the weekly production. Alessandro Gemmo, IT Manager of the production area of Centrale del Latte di Brescia, says: “With Factory One we have a system that supports us in procurement, production and shipping processes; it is seamlessly integrated with our business software and gives us the possibility to collect and analyze the data relevant to over 200.000 annual controls we carry out in order to produce a secure and high-quality commodity for our customers.”

“The Factory One solution shows our well-established system expertise and the in-depth knowledge of our consultants in the implementation of specific systems for the food industry and for all the production companies with complex processes. Our competencies allow us to customize our proprietary solutions by adapting them to the specific features of our customers and of the relevant market”, says Daniele Meneguzzi, SB Italia ERP Division Manager.

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