No paper documents, no need to move or travel, time and process optimization.

With the “Manpower on line” project developed with SB Italia, job offers are accepted and contracts signed with a digital signature, a simple and intuitive procedure.


The Manpower Group is a multinational corporation that provides innovative solutions for HR management; based in Italy since 1994 with 250 branches in 20 regions, it boasts over 18.000 customer companies and over 200 thousand people employed as permanent, fixed-term and contract workers. The “Manpower online” project was based on the following requirement: to be able to effectively manage the formalization of contracts of employment, a step that the management considered necessary for providing the best answer to customer requirements and for anticipating increasingly competitive and constantly changing market dynamics.



The portal is an innovative service provided by Manpower to its customers. This service allows them to view and directly select from the Web candidate profiles for a specific job, thus enabling to make an order in an extremely simple and flexible way; the process does not require any support by branch employees and it can be carried out even outside the working time.

The system developed by SB Italia, a well-established partner of Manpower in projects related to document management, workflow and document storage, meets all the relevant regulatory requirements while ensuring the highest security and confidentiality standards because the access to the portal and all signature communications are protected with HTTPS protocol.

Once the customer has viewed and selected its candidates, the system automatically sends a SMS and an e-mail informing the selected profiles about the job opportunity. If their answer is affirmative, the system sends – always through mobile devices – the contract of employment to the worker and to the customer who can simply sign it electronically. Manpower branch offices produce daily a high number of worker and customer contracts, about 20.000 of per month.

The current HSM (Hardware Security Module) digital signature technologies ensure that the signature has full legal value and replaces in all respects a handwritten signature. The security of the signature authentication system is guaranteed by a password that validates the user for the access to the portal and by a signature’s One Time Password (OTP), generated with a standard protocol.

In case the worker and/or the customer prefer a “traditional” signature of the contract, they have the possibility to go to a Manpower branch office where a graphometric signature (also called tablet signature) can be performed in the same way of a handwritten signature on a paper document, hence having the same force or effect.

As a completion of the process, the system envisages the use of the Docsweb Document Platform already implemented in the company and of the outsourced Archiving services.

All the documents – both those to be signed and those already signed – are always available in a dedicated portal area and can be downloaded and saved by the user, customer or worker.

The implementation of the new system has provided three immediate and tangible advantages: the almost total elimination of “physical” movements and/or travel required for signing contracts, the removal of any time constraints for the consultation of online profiles and the total elimination of paper documents in branch offices. The result is an actual change in business processes. “With this branch-dedicated project envisaging the online management of staff leasing agreements, we have created a highly innovative business model for our industry, for the benefit of customers and workers. We have reached the break-even point in less than one year: this excellent result proves the validity of the system adopted and makes us particularly proud of the work performed. However, it is not only a cost-saving matter: our strategy, that today features us as pioneers in the HR world, is to provide our customers with an innovative, efficient, convenient service in line with best-of-breed e-commerce methodologies”, says Stefano Scabbio, Manpower Group Managing Director.

Andrea Cervino, IT Director at Manpower Italy, states: “With the new portal, today we are able to totally eliminate paper documents for the signature of new contracts. We talk about not less than 100.000 documents a year, distributed in over 250 Manpower branch offices throughout Italy. An ambitious project that immediately proved to be winning. Fewer paper documents mean lower costs, less time and, consequently, higher efficiency”.

“The project concerning the online management of staff contracts is an example of our company’s ability to combine technology and processes. is the proof of how it is possible to create value starting from processes, by analyzing and enhancing them, thus applying state-of-the-art technologies”, declares Massimo Missaglia, SB Italia Managing Director.


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