logo-ELIOR-ridAll the business data is immediately available to Elior Ristorazione through a smart system dedicated to the analysis of data

The implemented solution and the skills provided by SB Italia make integrated business information always available.

The Elior Group, a leading company in the mass catering industry in Italy, was established in France in 1991. In 2014-15, it recorded a turnover of over 800 million euro with almost 14.000 employees by providing both mass and commercial catering services in Italy. Within the mass catering industry, Elior serves over 113 million customers a year in over 2.000 restaurants and points of sale located in Italy.

It is easy to guess that the volume of data produced by the company and linked to the multiple business processes (purchase and sale cycle, HR and contracts) is huge; hence, analyzing information in a certified and secure way was an extremely complex task. To identify and implement a centralized data analysis tool, Elior leveraged SB Italia expertise and skills and this resulted in a large Business Intelligence project, aimed at replacing the “handicraft-based” process (Excel sheets and static reporting) with a state-of-the-art, user-focused reporting and analysis tool.

To meet Elior flexibility requirements, SB Italia has designed and deployed an Enterprise Business Intelligence project in subsequent phases, thus allowing the company to check – at the end of each phase – the validity of the released data and the achievement of the defined targets.

Today, the system provides several analysis reports adopted by over 100 users and usable via the Web with laptops as well as with mobile devices.

“As our company generates a huge volume of data and information, the analysis and reporting system implemented in collaboration with SB Italia is of paramount importance; indeed, it allows us to make our large wealth of information available and accessible” states Paolo Battarino, Elior Ristorazione Spa IT Manager.

The technology used has entailed the creation of an Enterprise Data Warehouse hosted by Sql servers with Qlik technology, in particular Qlikview (for data discovery and corporate dashboards) and Qlicksense (for the BI self-component). Their seamless integration enables to define accurate and sophisticated corporate dashboards while also allowing users without technical skills to autonomously carry out highly sophisticated analyses.

“The direction taken together with Elior and the achieved results are the outcome of an ongoing support activity and key project contributions provided by the SB Italia team: a wide range of skills have been aggregated to achieve common objectives and implement an effective data analysis and information distribution system” states Luca Rodolfi, SB Italia Business Intelligence Division Manager.

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